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WizHero brings together sports trainers and students on the first artificial intelligence-powered coaching platform​. We use patentable AI to help fitness trainers provide personalized coaching and feedback. Trainees have access to thousands of training videos with real-time AI-powered feedback included

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how it works


Build your channel on the WizHero platform and reach millions of students. Offer AI-powered coaching services.

Create your personal channel on WizHero

Upload your videos and coaching expertise

Earn money from your coaching content

Grow your reputation

Reach big communities of students

Working Out in Gym
Working Out in Gym




Choose coaches from around the world. Get AI-powered feedback and tailored training.

Choose from a variety of workouts

Exercise live and get live feedback for free

Train outside, record your videos, upload them for


Get personalized services from coaches

why wizhero



By combining machine learning, human expertise, and patentable technology WizHero provides access to professional coaching to everyone

All devices

Can be connected to the TV and not limited to only small screen devices. ​No additional equipment needed.

Anytime, anywhere

Workout live or upload any previously taken video and ask the AI to analyze the movement. Take the recorded classes of your favorite instructor.


Our pose tracking software works in 3D. This means that you don't have to be in precise alignment with the camera.


Extensive amount of content and feedback can be accessed for free, with an option to try premium content.


Premium content delivers extra features like fitness programs, additional resources, personal feedback, and much more.


Our platform is protected with encryption at a higher level. Your videos are processed by machine only, and not visible to anyone unless you choose to share them with your friends.

Smart AI​

Through active machine learning, we are able to continuously improve our AI coaching methods and provide a better coaching experience for both ​trainers and students. 

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CECILIA S. (@ceciliashiroma)

Yoga Instructor

“Unbelievable how far technology has advanced in AI, and it’s quite impressive how WizHero implemented it for Yoga training. Never in a million years could I have imagined that an instructor like me would be able to personalize coaching so that I can be close to my students even when we are far"


SABRINA G. (@sabrinaghitescu)

Fitness Trainer

"I have been teaching in the fitness industry for over 7 years and lately I have tried to focus on online, so I can also help the people who want to work with me from a distance.  I am very excited about what WizHero is doing and how they want to use AI-based technology to help both teachers - to be able to train clients much easier and more accurately, but also students, so they progress effectively and notice healthy results, for a better life. I cannot wait!"


DORIN A. (@aldori24)

Rowing world champion and national team coach

"My coaching experience taught me that accessibility makes all the difference and WizHero shines in its accessibility and ease of use. Rowing is a complex sport that engages over 70% of your body's muscles. Rowing will soon be part of the WizHero platform and good coaching will be available to you wherever you are in the world!"


CORINA I. (@_corinailie_)

Yoga Instructor

"I’ve really enjoyed this new and amazing experience Wizhero is offering to yoga instructors. We finally have a platform where we can grow not only as teachers but also as content creators. Can’t wait to use it and discover new features the AI development will bring."


ELENA P. (@universal_yoga_life)

Yoga Instructor

“I have been teaching yoga for over 15 years, and recently I had started to teach online classes. I am encouraged, and amazed, to see the level of AI tech that WizHero deploys, and how easy it would be for a fitness or yoga instructor to coach their students remotely with care and attention through their virtual, AI-powered helpers.”

launching soon

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