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WizHero is the first A.I. powered coaching platform. We built A.I. technologies that give fitness instructors the power to reach a billion person scale and provide students with access to training videos with real-time AI feedback.


We believe in democratizing AI and provide access to professional training anytime, anywhere.


WizHero started in 2013, with an early version using motion sensors on sports students instead of video. Continuously improving and adding features as we go, we now have a platform that combines machine learning, human expertise, and patentable technology to give you a great fitness experience.


Having “AI helpers” was not possible until now. Now we have the means to understand the world around us and give feedback on what happens in the moment.

Meet The Team


Viorel Teodorescu


Viorel "Teo" Teodorescu, CEO and founder of Wizhero, comes from a technological and applied AI background. He has a lifelong passion for teaching, the mechanics of learning, and doing sports. Combining these passions together, the idea for Wizhero was born. 


Now with Wizhero, Teo and his team aim to democratize AI and build an accessible platform for fitness training for instructors and students alike.


Jagjit Ladhur


Jagjit Ladhur is Wizhero’s Chairman of the Board. He has over 16 years of experience in starting, building & running successful technology solutions companies.


Jagjit has a drive for creating new technological solutions that he hopes can change the world for the better.

Erik Bullen


Erik Bullen works with startups, venture firms, and corporate innovators to drive growth, shape the future, and make stuff that matters. Serving as Wizhero’s strategy advisor, Erik guides the team on the next steps to take.

Alex Mugioiu

Alex M DSC_1304 copy.jpg

Alex Mugioiu is an experienced lead researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the research industry. He got his PhD focused in Biometrics from Politehnica University of Bucharest. He’s also skilled in machine learning, computer science, neural networks, Matlab, and computer vision making him Wizhero’s AI master.


Musat Muresanu


Aside from being a guitarist in the band Subcarpati, Musat Muresanu is also Wizhero’s Chief Community Officer.


High-energy and personable as he is well-informed, Musat handles everything investor relations-related.

Farhat Ullah


Entrepreneur and certified accountant

Jon Tompkins

Jon T square small.png

Olympic coach and elite sportsman