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Our tech engineers have built our coaching A.I. from the ground up in the span of over seven years and we are continuously improving and adding features as we go to provide the best fitness experience on the market.


WizHero offers four A.I. technologies focusing on different tasks:

  • Existing A.I. models for pose recognition 

These models work in 3D, which means users don’t need to worry about prescribed alignments relative to their camera. They just need to stand in front of their devices and exercise freely, the AI does the work. 

  • Internal A.I. that processes the instructor’s input. 

This gives a large scale of users personalized assessment using the information provided by the instructor.

  • Internal A.I. which identifies the pose errors.

This displays the user’s errors and provides corrections, giving live and immediate feedback.

  • Recommendation A.I. 

This takes the instructor recommendations and combines them with student past history, student characteristics and recommends remedial courses of action.


Our A.I. takes the knowledge from our expert trainers and expands on it to ensure accurate coaching in each workout session.



Sign up and create an account

Expand your reach to a million students and grow your reputation as a fitness instructor with us.

Create a channel and choose from a range of activities

Create multiple channels without any coding required. The AI takes care of it. Think of it as training your coaching assistant.

Upload your demo videos

You just upload your photos with the right and wrong ways of doing the poses. The final product will coach your students at scale, in your style.

Earn money through your content

Monetize your coaching with user subscriptions

be trained with ai

Choose from a variety of workouts from fitness experts

Train from A.I.-enhanced coaching videos through the channels prepared by fitness professionals


Personalized plans tailored to your goals

Choose from our 3 membership tiers to help you accomplish your fitness goal


Work out anywhere

All you need is internet access, a computer and a camera and you are all set. Connect to a TV and not be limited to small screen devices. No additional equipment needed. 


Get immediate feedback

WizHero can correct your movements with real-time feedback from our pose recognition A.I. It’s like having a personal coach in your living room.


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Access to all FREE channels


$15 per month
Access to all FREE and SILVER channels


$30 per month
Access to all FREE, SILVER, and GOLD channels

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